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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is KioCloud?
A :

KioCloud is a way to manage your kiosks without the added technical work and cost of hosting a server yourself. KioWare hosts your server, making it simple to set up, manage, and maintain your kiosks. Basically, KioCloud is a KioWare hosted version of KioWare Server, accessible via any browser.

Q : What is Kiosk Management?
A :
Simply put, kiosk management is the ability to remotely maintain and monitor your kiosks. With kiosk management tools like KioCloud, you can view usage statistics, update content, create reports, monitor kiosk health, and more – all without being on site with each deployed kiosk.
Q : What hardware and software is required to make KioCloud work?
A :
KioCloud can be run from any device with an internet connection and browser. Log in from anywhere to manage your kiosks.
Q : How does KioCloud work?
KioCloud is used with client-side kiosk software that locks down your deployed kiosks to a particular application, website, or browser, restricting users to only allowed/permitted activities and actions. With client side kiosk software (like KioWare Full or Kiosk Pro Enterprise), you can secure your kiosks and then manage those kiosks remotely with KioCloud.
Q : What does KioCloud cost?
KioCloud is currently available via annual subscription. Cost depends on the quantity and the operating system/kiosk software client. View a full breakdown of the KioCloud pricing options.
Q : What are the options for client side software?
KioWare Full for Windows is built on a Chromium Browser, KioWare for Android runs on Android devices, and Kiosk Pro secures iOS devices.
Q : Can I try out KioCloud before I subscribe?
Yes, a fully functioning free trial of KioCloud is available for 30 days, with no credit card required. Sign up for a free trial here.
Q : What is the difference between KioCloud and KioWare Server?
KioCloud is the cloud hosted alternative to self-hosted KioWare Server. With KioCloud, you can access your kiosks from any device with an internet connection without the need to set up remote access to your internal server. The hardware/software needs of KioWare Server are not required for KioCloud. KioWare Server is a one-time perpetual license cost (though support is recommended) while KioCloud is available as a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription license.
Q : What operating system platforms are available?
Client side kiosk software that talks to KioCloud is available for Windows, Android & iOS