KioWare Full for Windows

KioWare® Full for Windows

You can manage your kiosks through KioWare® client side software paired with KioCloud kiosk management. Managing your Windows devices has never been easier with KioWare® Full for Windows.

The client side Windows software is installed on, and used to secure, each individual device. The easiest way to understand client side KioWare® Full is to consider it to be a browser engine that has been modified to provide lockdown and kiosk functions. Each device is then deployed for customer, employee, or public use. The client side software from KioWare® can be managed via KioCloud or KioWare® Server.

KioWare® for Windows is simple to configure and supports the Chrome Browser Engine.

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Features of KioWare® Full for Windows include:

Device Support
  • Payment devices
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Video conferencing
Kiosk Security
  • Remote configuration
  • Software watchdog
  • Remote monitoring
Custom End User Interface
  • Attract screen generation
  • Custom navigational toolbar skins
  • HTML based toolbar, fully customizable HTML design
Restricted access
  • Browser lockdown
  • Domain/page blocking – allow or revoke lists
  • Keyboard Control Interface for disabling keyboard keys
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Lock users out of accessing the desktop and OS (Windows)
  • Can run the OS as a shell
  • Automatic printer retraction
  • File download blocking
  • Application resetting
  • Pop-up management access control list
  • Clearing of cookies, history, and print queue at session end
  • Run automatic logoff script
KioCloud can be accessed via any device with an internet browser. The server console enables the centralized monitoring all of the devices running KioWare® Full for Windows. Remotely monitor the kiosk health, retrieve kiosk usage reports, collect survey data, and push content out to the kiosks, with KioCloud.

KioCloud also allows for the ad hoc grouping of kiosk projects, a feature which enables the easy distribution of promotions or information to different stores.

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New KioWare® Full for Windows

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